Landing page design case study

5 Landing Page Case Studies: The How and Why

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The reason why I want to analyze and design a landing page is because I've been singing up for a bunch of webinars, “3-part-video-series”. UI Design for Landing Page. The case study from Tubik Studio on UI/UX design of landing page. And, considering stats and research in this sphere, a landing page can also become a good way to strengthen the product.

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15,000+ Brands and Agencies Convert with Unbounce

No notes for slide. Original Page Tested Page w 4. Result EA was right, but for the wrong reason. They ran several tests, and found that rather than raising the CTA, it was eliminating the offer altogether as seen in the tested image that increased conversions by Original Page Tested Page 7. They calculated the number of high quality leads i. Result w 8.

The Problem Statement

If you only have an idea for a potential product or service, you can use a landing page to measure interest even before building and acting on it. Can you please expand on why you believe Optimizely works better with long funnels? Tokens let staking your ownership on your good judgment when proposing tasks or claiming someone should be paid. Hi Peep, Helpful case study, thanks for making it so detailed. Check out our template library. You are ready to create your sales page — where to start?

Tester: ComScore Goal: Increase the number of leads generated Hypothesis: Improving brand validation and social proof will increase the number of leads generated. To test this hypothesis, ComScore opted to put greater emphasis on client testimonials. Original Page Tested Page w This means that their page was converting around 1 of every 5 visitors. Result w CTA button color is incredibly easy to test. In industries where a lot of fraud exists, this test is absolutely worth doing. There are two types of tests, one with larger images and the other with large images with product description over a mouseover.

They have undoubtedly done the same research and found that bigger product images increase sales. The Vineyard is a luxury hotel in London. Make it clear to the users. If you want them to sign up, make your signup CTA clear.

360° of Landing Page Promotion

Vidyard wanted to improve email signups for their alpha product. They tested a landing page with and without video:. Challengers D and H used video in a light-box and an embedded i-frame. Challenger J did not include video. J achieved a 6. The content of the video showed a demo animation of the product as well as a voice over: Click here to watch video. It was about the content in the video, too.

Just like written copy, video content matters just as much. This could explain the increase in conversions. Conversion Rate Experts and Crazy Egg worked together to increase conversions of their homepage. They found four objections visitors had:. They also included a short video to explain Crazy Egg. Crazy Egg added an explanation that they would not be charged for the free trial. The control focuses primarily on the app and nothing else.

The test shows it in a different context. The app is not the entire focus of the shot and it appears to be someone on the app in a coffee shop.

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It may help to show it in a familiar environment. The test shows a relaxed scene and the app is a part of it. They had the goal of increasing conversion rates. They and Conversion Rate Experts first started out learning what visitor objections were. The team:. One of the highlighted changes was adding a sense of urgency. Their research showed visitors were concerned that their flowers would not be delivered on time and were not aware daFlores offered same day delivery.

In another case, daFlores added social proof to their website because some users had not previously heard of daFlores and were understandably skeptical. They showed this off.

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The test showed three customer quotes in rotation. You have to conduct research, learn about visitors, find out what their objections are, and work to overcome them.

1. Updated Design Increases Conversions 33%

Uncommon Knowledge had a product launch on the way and wanted to expand their reach prior to the launch. They had the goal of getting people on their email list. They spread the word with a free three-video set which would be available after users entered their name and email address. The new design is more modern and appealing. Uncommon Knowledge also let people know that they would be able to unsubscribe to their emails at anytime, something that was not mentioned in the control.

It is possible that users who were shown the control were not aware they would receive any follow up emails beyond the videos. This could explain the better results. Their demo shows they attract an older audience, which could explain why they liked the more conventional control design better. Older demographic groups may be more hesitant to give their email address, so letting users know like they did with the test design that there would be follow up emails likely made them more cautious about giving an email address.

Express Watches had the idea that adding a customer review widget on product pages would increase sales. They thought this because of the results of a customer survey which stated that customers wanted to know if they were getting the best price, if it was a real watch problem with replica watches , and if the company was legitimate. They used visitor surveying tool Qualaroo to learn what the objections were. Calpont wanted to know if having social media signals on their pages increased engagement.

The result

They removed social media icons at the tops of their pages. Eleven different goals were tracked. After three weeks, three of the eleven goals had reached statistical significance. Many of the other goals also were showing positive trends. The two goals that showed a decline were Debian Downloads and Engagement. They attribute this to the placement or possibly the low number of Likes. UK-based Majestic Wine is an online store that sells wines. They had the goal of increasing conversions fill out enquiry form via their Weddings page.

To start with the changes to their landing page, they first talked to their customers and garnered feedback from them. They also had discussions with their own staff.

The team wanted to reduce distractions, improve communication and clarity of their unique selling proposition, and feature a video that explains their services. This is what they came up with the test :. You can see one difference between the two is the test page has a much clearer, more focused value proposition. An anonymous Danish company runs a subscription food service.

Their goal was to get people to fill in their contact form. This case study proves that customers can scroll to the bottom of a page to sign up. When they land on a page, they may not immediately want to be presented with a contact form. It may make them put their guard up and be less willing to enter their information. An anonymous Danish company had the goal of increasing its click-through rate on its CTA. Any extra clicks beyond that is a bonus.